About Us

Our Vision:
To be the foremost company of choice in Africa and beyond for creation of exceptional solutions in graphic communication, photographic and interior imaging.

Our Mission
We seek to constantly provide cutting edge solutions that delight our clients and impact the society.

Our Keys to Success
We believe that brilliant ideas can achieve extraordinary results for our clients and in turn for our selves. By instinct and inclination we are enemies of the ordinary and impatient with the status quo. We are constantly driven to avoid what is comfortable in order to take advantage in the unknown.

Everything is created twice, first, in the mind and then, by hand. We pursue both with defiant passion, until we achieve the next best thing to perfection.
These working cultures have caused us to excel in our business; our creativity and ingenuity excites our esteemed customers.

Our Approach
Big Picture Model
Every challenge has a series of connected events that might impede or undermine efforts to resolve it. With the big PICTURE model, even the remotest impediment is identified and resolved in order to achieve the best possible result. Predictably, we anticipate the unpredictable.

5D Metrics
Our innovative evaluation tool guides our creative process in generating unique solutions that satisfy the 5 senses of touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing. By doing great work, we inspire you to do the same